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Train like a baller

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A KILLER workout with a
basketball in your hands

At HoopsLink, your coach puts you through an hour-long, high-intensity basketball workout as part of a SQUAD- with fast paced shooting drills, explosive ball handling moves, shuttle runs, footfires, sport-specific strength training, and more- to get you in baller shape.




It's not just about hoops...

We wanted to play on a team again.  HoopsLink is different than any other fitness class or pick-up league. You don't just show up for a workout- you join a squad. Find out why you want to be a part of a squad for a season.

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Your dad's not coaching practice here, and we're not going to yell at you to "Get your head out of your a$$".

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What People are saying

"This is exactly what I need- because I hate the treadmill-

I want to get out with other people and workout socially, but to get the ball in my hands and do that on the court is the best combination."

 — Zack Novak, played at University of Michigan

"A great workout doing something that I love to do-

If you’re like me and you just played high school, or if you were at the pro level- we’re all going to get a great workout in.”

— Nick Hernandez

"HoopsLink keeps my skills sharp-

HoopsLink lets me play the game I love and get a good workout in, and continue to play at the competitive level that I’ve always enjoyed playing at.”

— Caitlin Ackerman, UMass Amherst

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This is a brand new concept.
So people have questions.
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