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Are workouts co-ed?
Yup. Workouts are designed to have a team atmosphere, so you can meet other people in Boston who love basketball. However, the drills and movements are all performed individually so other people’s skill levels won’t affect your workout.

What if I haven’t played basketball since high school?
Then this workout is for you. The workout and drills are designed for any skill level and will get you back into your best basketball shape.

What if I am already an amazing basketball player?
Then you must love basketball. So HoopsLink is for you. Get a great workout, and keep your skills sharp. Look at Lebron- he keeps working and practicing because he continues to want to break records. Everyone’s got room for improvement.

What if I want to try the workout before committing to a squad?
Sign up to try in Boston or Chicago.

What if you are already part way through a season and I want to join?
Please contact us and we can try to add you to the roster!

Where is Practice
Depending which season you are interested in, we have different locations. Check our join page for current season offerings and locations or our court addresses.

Is there parking?
Check our locations for parking information on each.

Are there showers?
Check our locations for showers and ammenitites at each.

What if I can’t make it to the times offered this season?
Please contact us what times/days work best for you by signing up in advance for a season. This allows us to book gym times that work for you.

What if I miss a practice?
The Season is designed to be like a team for adults. You commit to a season and make sure you get to the workouts- because that’s how you get results. But, we understand that things come up and we want you to get your money's worth- so you can call a sub! Just let your coach know. More info on subs here.

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