Your Squad for a Season

boston basketball workouts

With HoopsLink, you join a Squad for a Season.  
Coupla reasons for that. 

We want the team atmosphere we had at practice. Calling your teammate’s name as you chuck an outlet pass down the court then high fiving them when they assisted you for the lay-up is part of basketball. You don’t need to get matching socks or create secret handshakes, but getting into the grove with people you’re playing with pushes you to go harder and workout socially.

We want you to get results. When you commit to a season, you prioritize a time in your calendar. It’s not like a regular gym where you pick & choose when to drop in- you make a commitment to yourself & your teammates like you did when you played for a team. Back then, you knew that in order to get the best results- you need regular repetition- we’re trying to get back to that.

We want to offer you the best season possible. Squads allow us to plan for numbers, and to plan out a progression within the season so we can differ drills & offer well-rounded training.


Full Season

Sign up to workout with a squad two nights a week and you will get more time on the court, get in the best shape, and get the best value for you money. 

Half Season

Supplement your regimen. Already play pick-up? Have a lifting routine you love? Sign up for one night a week to keep your skills sharp while getting a killer workout. 


You’re a busy person. So we know there may be a night you miss a workout. We won’t make you run extra- instead- call in a SUB. If there is a night of the season you can’t make, make use of that session by giving it or selling it to a friend. Just tell your coach you’re calling in a sub.