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A Baller Workout

An hour-long killer workout with a basketball in your hands. 

HoopsLink gets you in baller shape with fast paced shooting drills, explosive ball handling moves, shuttle runs, footfires and more.  Here's how we do it. 


Score More

Defense might win championships, but you look good scoring. A love of hoops is why we're here, so every workout, we try to incorporate shooting into every drill possible. 

You gotta go faster, to Get Faster

Sure, running shuttle runs sucked when your coaches were punishing you for sucking. But guess what? They work to get you in killer shape. The high intensity, quick footwork and turns are all awesome for strength, speed & for burning a huge number of calories. Mix them in with some basketball drills and competitions and they will be over before you know it. Plus, you'll have a great coach to push you through them and teammates all around suffering with ya. 

Explosive Strength

We focus on sports specific strength training. That is, preparing you for the unpredictable, explosive, lateral and forward and backward, full-body banging that basketball and sports entail. Every HoopsLink workout prepares you for them.


At every workout we'll hone your handle & tone your bod. Ball handling and defense are like being in a permanent squat- a squat combined with quickness and dynamic movement. In other words- both these things work all areas of your butt, hips and thighs hard and fast. They help build lateral strength and speed for injury prevention with the potential side effect of nice set of hamhocks...


Footspeed equals quickness and balance. We can't promise that you'll have the dancing feet of Steph Curry, but foot control and coordination works important stabilization muscles that can help prevent injury.